• ALC Wireless ANT5DB Boost Antenna Compatible w/ SightHD and Observer cameras AWF61, AWF53, AWF54, AWSC37. alcwirelessawf61alcwirelessawf53alcwirelessawsc37   This antenna is not compatible with AWS4388, AWSC48.
  • ALC Wireless AWS337 will observe what goes on in and around your home or business with this simple plug-in, hassle-free DIY wireless surveillance system with 7” touchscreen monitor and 1 outdoor weather-proof camera (expandable to 4 cameras). Set it up yourself without having to hire a professional installer or pay an expensive monitoring service – no cables to run between cameras and monitor. Just plug in your weather-proof, metal housing cameras into AC power and you are ready to go. View your live cameras, playback and recordings on the 7” touchscreen monitor. Connect to Internet to enable remote viewing through the FREE ALC Observer HD App 24/7/365 on your smart phone or tablet. Add extra cameras see AWSC37
  • ALC Wireless alcwirelessawb17rbatterycamAWFB17R SensorCam is rechargeable battery operated  Wi-Fi security camera is easy to setup and delivers amazing 720p HD quality video directly to your smart phone or tablet. Battery operated, this camera can be placed anywhere indoors without the need for AC power outlet. The camera offers on-camera recording to microSD card so there is no need to pay for additional services. Upload video files to your personal Google Drive® account directly from the camera. Interference-free, secure video and audio transmission. White LED light illuminates at night when motion is detected for full color “night vision. The free SightHD app keeps you connected 24/7/365  

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