• ALC Observer HD+ AWS4388 Security System lets you observe what goes on in and around your home or business with this simple plug-in, hassle-free DIY wireless surveillance system with 7” touchscreen monitor and 2alcwirelessaws4388 outdoor weather-proof cameras (expandable to 4 cameras). Set it up yourself without having to hire a professional installer or pay an expensive monitoring service – no cables to run between cameras and monitor. Just plug in your weather-proof, metal housing cameras into AC power and you are ready to go. View your live cameras, playback and recordings on the 7” touchscreen monitor. Connect to Internet to enable remote viewing through the FREE ALC Observer HD+ App 24/7/365 on your smart phone or tablet.  
  • ALC Wireless Observer HD+ AWSC48 Security Camera for AWS4388.  Need more coverage for alcwirelessawsc48your Observer HD+ Connected Touch Screen Wireless Surveillance System? Purchase additional indoor/outdoor cameras for a total of 4 cameras compatible with Observer HD+ System model AWS4388 (required).
  • The ALC Cameron AMZ30DB Video Doorbell is a must have to view and protect your home or office with precise images sent to any smartphone from our Cam Sees application.  This product is identical to the ALC SightHD AWF71D Video Doorbell, but with a black frame instead of the standard silver.  The AMZ30DB is easy to install and delivers beautiful images with two-way audio. The 1080P Full HD Wi-Fi-enabled camera sees anyone approaching your front door in crystal clear resolution. Two-way audio lets you remotely answer your door or warn off intruders through the free app. View live or recorded events in the palm of your hands. A very good solution for any family that wants to keep an eye on the home front.  The video doorbell also can be connected with our Cam Sees application to other indoor and outdoor cameras working seamlessly to protect you.  Never any fees as storage is on a memory card or can be stored on your Google Drive.  This is an ALC Wireless top seller and every family needs this technology.  Get this video doorbell camera today.    

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