ALC WIRELESS AWF23 Full HD 1080p Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Indoor Camera


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ALC Wireless AWF23 Full HD Wi-Fi security camera is easy to setup and delivers amazing 1080p FullHD quality video directly to your smart phone or tablet. Remote Pan & Tilt camera make it easy to move the camera lens with a touch. The camera offers on-camera recording to microSD card so there is no need to pay for additional services. Upload video files to your personal Google Drive® alcwirelessawf23 account directly from the camera. Interference-free, secure video and audio transmission. 35’ of night vision and infrared filter for true daytime color provide excellent images day or night. 2-Way audio allows you to hear and communicate through the cameras built in speaker. The free SightHD app keeps you connected 24/7/365.  Wireless Made Simple.

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1080p Full HD Quality Video

ALC’s Wi-Fi Camera produces 1920 x 1080 HD resolution for clear video streaming, playback and recording.

Remote Monitoring Anytime from Anywhere 24/7/365

With the free ALC SightHD app you can See What Matters Most – Even When You’re Not There.

Remote Pan & Tiltalcwirelesscamera

You control the Pan & Tilt of your camera with ALC’s SightHD app on your smart phone or tablet. The camera’s motor can move the lens 270⁰ horizontally and 100⁰ vertically making it easy to adjust camera views remotely. An Auto Positioning feature allows you to reset the position based on a preset point.

Email Alerts and Push Notifications

The free ALC SightHD app sends alerts to your smart phone or tablet when your camera has detected an “event”.

35-ft Night Vision

5 surface-mounted Infrared LEDs allows you to view a potential security risk to your family or business, even in the dark up to 35’.

Two-Way Audio

Listen to what’s going on through the Wi-Fi Camera AND talk through the camera’s built in speaker using your smartphone.

Motion Detection

The system uses motion detection software to automatically detect movement and record the “event” directly to your camera’s microSD card.

Motion Masking

Motion Masking allows you set areas for the camera to “ignore” motion such as tree limbs moving.

On-Camera Recording

Capture and record video to microSD card so there is no need for expensive services to store your recordings, (microSD card not included, supports up to 128GB maximum capacity).

Free Google Drive Storage

Automatically upload recorded video from the camera to your personal Google Drive account. View your recorded video from your computer, tablet or smartphone using Google Drive App.

Infrared (cut) Filter & LEDs

During the day, an automatic IR filter moves in front of the camera lens to provide clear, accurate colors; at night the filter moves out to maximize night vision with the help of IR LEDs for black and white image contrast.

Additional information

Weight 2.26 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 8.25 in

ALC Wireless








  • Camera Environmental Rating: Indoor
  • LED / IR sensors: 5 High Intensity LEDs
  • Infrared (IR) Cut Filter: Yes
  • Max Resolution: 1080P Full HD
  • Live View: 1080p, 720p, VGA
  • Recording: 1080p
  • Image Compression: H.264
  • Image Sensor: 2 Megapixel CMOS
  • 90⁰ Horizontal Field of View
  • 270⁰ Pan, 100⁰ Tilt
  • Audio Out: Yes
  • Built-in Microphone: Yes
  • Two-way Audio (built-in mic/speaker): Yes
  • Infrared (IR) Cut Filter: Yes
  • Night Vision: 35ft.
  • Motion Detection: Software
  • Remote viewing on iOS or Android
  • Email and Push Notification: Yes
  • Storage Memory/Max Storage: up to 128GB microSD card
  • Onboard Recording onto microSD card with remote access
  • Upload video files to Google Drive
  • Review recorded files on smart devices: Yes


How to Setup SightHD Android

How to Setup SightHD iOS

SightHD Cameras FAQ’s

  • I cannot connect to my camera after setting it up
    • If the green LED light is flashing or is not on, then the camera is not connected to your Wi-Fi
    • Typically this means that you may have typed in your Wi-Fi password incorrectly
    • You will need to reset your camera and start over
  • How do I reset my camera?
    • The reset button is located in different places on various cameras
    • In all cases, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds
    • The green or red LED light will start to flash rapidly
  • Where is the reset button?
    • AWF23 – located on the back of the camera, above where the antenna screws in. A paper clip is required to push the button

  • What is my Admin Password?
    • The default Admin Password is 123456
    • This can be changed once in the Advanced Settings
  • What is the Security Code?
    • The default Security Code is 123456
    • But during the camera setup, it is required that you change it to your own
    • If you cannot remember what the Security Code is, you must reset your camera back to factory defaults, delete the camera setup in the ALC SightHD app, and set the camera back up as if it were brand new
  • The Time on the video screen is not correct. How do I fix this?
    • You will need to go into Advanced Settings, Base Settings, Time Zone.
    • Here you will need to select your correct Time Zone and check or uncheck the Daylight Saving time box depending on the time of year.
  • How do I move the Time Stamp on the Live Video screen?
    • You will need to go into Advanced Settings, Time Stamp.
    • Here you put your finger on the Time Stamp and hold. Now you will be able to move it to any of the four corners of the video.
    • You can also change the color if you choose.
  • How do I change the quality of the Live Video?
    • The options for streaming of Live Video are VGA (low resolution), 720p and 1080p. The default for most cameras is 720p.
    • 1080p requires at least about 1Mbps available upload bandwidth from your service provider. If you Live video is choppy then you may want to change to VGA resolution to get a better Live video stream.
    • Go into Advanced Settings, Video Setting, Video Streaming Quality and make your selection.
    • Regardless of your choice for the Live stream, all recordings will always be in 1080p.
  • What is Motion Mask?
    • Motion Mask is a feature to eliminate an area of the video from Motion Detection. It does not affect what you can see in the Live Video.
    • You may have a ceiling fan or tree branches that are constantly moving and causes unwanted motion detection recordings. By masking this area, the Motion Detection Software will ignore this motion.
    • You can access this in Advanced Settings, Sensitivity Setting, Motion Mask.
  • What is Privacy Mask?
    • This is option is not available on all cameras.
    • What this does is “cover” an area of your choosing that will be blocked from viewing in Live and recorded video.
  • My video is upside down. How do I fix this?
    • Depending on how you have mounted your camera you may need to “flip” the video image.
    • Go to Advanced Setting, Video Setting, Screen Orientation. You will need to select Flip and Mirror.
  • How do I Format my SD card?
    • It is recommended to format your microSD card occasionally if your camera records a lot of video. This is because of all the overwriting that occurs when the card gets full.  This can cause problem areas on the card.  This is similar to defragmenting the Hard Drive on your computer.
    • Go to Advanced Setting, SD Card Setting, Format SD Card.
    • This process will erase all video on the card and reformat the card.
  • What is Record without Audio?
    • Some states do not allow the recording of Audio without an individual’s consent. You need to check your State and local laws concerning this.
    • To turn Off audio recording go to Advanced Setting, SD Card Setting, Record without Audio and check OFF.
    • This does not affect the recording of video.

Owners Manual




Add New Wi-Fi Camera to SightHD – Android

Add New Wi-Fi Camera to SightHD – iOS

Phone App

Get the ALC SightHD app:



13 reviews for ALC WIRELESS AWF23 Full HD 1080p Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Indoor Camera

  1. CrystalIvy517

    Keepin an eye on my pup! Yay!!

  2. Momosan1

    Security camera

  3. Jp3773


  4. Mrichter625

    Pretty Nice and easy peasy set up!!

  5. Brittany

    Fantastic product – love it!

  6. MartyL

    Nice and interesting

  7. Cpellegrin

    Love the motion sensor

  8. StaceyG

    Super easy to install!

  9. Momma22

    High quality picture!

  10. njreviews

    Love the swivel feature!

  11. Julie

    crystal clear

  12. Kathrinn2136

    Amazing and precise in capturing video

  13. AlbertoF

    Clear picture

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