AWF71D 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

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Answer your door from anywhere in the World with ALC’s new 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. Your smartphone will ring when the Doorbell button is pushed.  You have the option to answer, view or ignore, just like at home.  The outdoor (IP55) weatherproof Doorbell offers on-camera recording to microSD card so there is no need to pay for additional services. Automatically upload recorded video files to your personal Google Drive® or Dropbox® account directly from the camera.  Easy Wi-Fi connection to your router provides secure video and audio transmission. 35’ of night vision and infrared filter for true daytime color provide excellent images day or night. The free SightHD app keeps you connected 24/7/365.

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1080p HD Quality Video

ALC’s Wi-Fi Camera produces 1920 x 1080 HD resolution for clear video streaming, playback and recording.

Remote Monitoring Anytime from Anywhere 24/7/365

Answer your door from anywhere in the World.  When the Video Doorbell button is pushed, your smartphone will ring just like a regular phone call.  You can choose to answer or just view the Live video.

Email Alerts and Push Notifications

The free ALC SightHD app sends alerts to your smart phone or tablet when your camera has detected an “event”.

20-ft Night Vision

5 surface-mounted high-power Infrared LEDs allow you to view potential security risk to your family or business, even in the dark up to 20’.

IP55-rated Weather-proof Cameras

Feel confident positioning these metal housing, weather-proof cameras outdoors, even in inclement climates.

Human Motion Detection

Highly accurate Human Motion Detection software looks for specific “shapes” to minimize false detections. Our standard Software Motion detection with Motion Area Masking is also included.

Motion Masking

Motion Masking allows you set areas for the camera to “ignore” motion such as tree limbs moving.

On-Camera Recording

Capture and record video to microSD card so there is no need for expensive services to store your recordings, (16GB microSD card included, supports up to 128GB maximum capacity).

Free Google Drive and Dropbox Storage

Automatically upload recorded video from the camera to your personal Google Drive or Dropbox account. View your recorded video from your computer, tablet or smartphone using Google Drive or Dropbox Apps.

Infrared (cut) Filter & LEDs

During the day, an automatic IR filter moves in front of the camera lens to provide clear, accurate colors; at night the filter moves out to maximize night vision with the help of IR LEDs for black and white image contrast.

Multi-Angle Camera Mounting Brackets

Our doorbell comes with 2 15⁰ mounting brackets.  Use one for mounting next to your door and two for when the doorbell button is on the wall next to the door.

Chime Compatible

The ALC Video Doorbell is compatible with your existing mechanical or digital door chime.  Power for the Doorbell comes from the 2 wires connected to your doorbell button.  No additional wiring required. (Not compatible with wireless doorbells)

Weight 0.82 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 6.25 × 2.1 in


Camera Environmental Rating: Outdoor IP55
LED / IR sensors: 5 High Intensity Surface Mount LEDs
Infrared (IR) Cut Filter: Yes
Max Resolution: 1080P HD
Live View: 1080p, 720p, VGA
Recording: 1080p
Image Compression: H.264
Image Sensor: 2 Megapixel CMOS
2-Way Audio: Yes
Night Vision: 20ft
Motion Detection: Human Detection, Software
Remote viewing on iOS or Android
Email and Push Notification: Yes
Onboard Recording onto microSD card with remote access (16GB included)
Storage Memory/Max Storage: up to 128GB microSD card
Upload video files to Google Drive or Dropbox
Review recorded files on smart devices: Yes

Doorbell battery 3.7V 80mAh Test Summary


AWF71D Video Doorbell FAQ’s

  • My phone keeps disconnecting from the Video Doorbell during setup
    • The Video Doorbell uses Bluetooth during the setup process
    • Ensure Bluetooth is turned On on your phone and is not connected to any Bluetooth devices
    • Ensure that Data is turned Off on your smartphone and the phone is connected to your Wi-Fi
    • If selecting Doorbell during the setup keeps failing, then select Wi-Fi camera


  • I cannot connect to my Doorbell after setting it up
    • If the LED light is flashing, then the camera is not connected to your Wi-Fi
    • Typically this means that you may have typed in your Wi-Fi password incorrectly
    • You will need to reset your camera and start over
    • Verify that your Wi-Fi password is correct
    • You must use standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and not 5GHz Wi-Fi
      • Sometimes passwords for each may be different


  • My doorbell stopped working or is not getting any power
    • The voltage required for the Video Doorbell is 10-24 Vac.
    • Check the voltage at the transformer. Typically for a standard 16V transformer it will read ~19-20 Vac.
    • Check the voltage at the Doorbell. This is typically ~2V less than at the transformer.
    • If you are not getting any voltage reading at the doorbell, then that means there is a disconnect or “short” somewhere in the wiring. This will need to be diagnosed by an electrician.


  • How do I reset my Doorbell?
    • The reset button is located on the back of the Video Doorbell
    • Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds
    • The LED light around the Doorbell button will start to flash rapidlyHow do I reset my camera?


  • What is my Admin Password?
    • The default Admin Password is 123456
    • This can be changed once in the Advanced Settings


  • What is the Security Code?
    • The default Security Code is 123456
    • But during the camera setup, it is required that you change it to your own
    • If you cannot remember what the Security Code is, you must reset your camera back to factory defaults, delete the camera setup in the ALC SightHD app, and set the camera back up as if it were brand new


  • One of my mounting brackets is broken
    • There are 2 mounting brackets included in the box. One has “tabs” on it and the other has the tabs removed.
    • The bracket with tabs is the one that you must use. This clicks into the back of the Video Doorbell.
    • The other bracket (without tabs) can be used if extra angle is needed for better viewing. This will just be added behind the main bracket when mounting to the wall.
    • Each bracket angles the Video Doorbell 15⁰



With Tabs:

Without Tabs:


  • How do I remove the Video Doorbell from the bracket?
    • You will need to insert a small screwdriver or paper clip in between the doorbell and the bracket release tab and push out.


  • There is a constant “humming” sound coming from my indoor mechanical chime
    • To eliminate (or greatly reduce) the hum, we recommend adding the included Digital Adapter to the chime electrical connection

  • I have a digital door chime and it is not working with the Video Doorbell.
    • Ensure that you have added the Digital Adapter to the digital chime
    • You will also need to go into the Advanced Settings for the Doorbell to change the Doorchime Type setting to Digital Chime.
    • Also adjust the time depending on how long the melody is on your digital chime.